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As I updated The Koh Samui Guide for its 6th edition, I resumed the ungodly challenge of scouring the blog’s ten-year history for every question ever asked.

Once I deleted the hilarious weird questions* (and the rude ones!), I had a definitive set of Thailand travel FAQs – your biggest questions and worries about travel to Thailand. Find them all answered below.

Top 50 Thailand travel FAQs

Whether it’s your first time to Thailand or you’re a repeat visitor with unanswered questions, the following 50 Thailand travel FAQs will be a great head-start for your trip-planning. Get tips and advice for packing, cultural dos and dont’s, transport, food, holidays and more. Enjoy!

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*The top three weirdest questions

The three weirdest questions I’ve ever been asked about Thailand travel:

Answers? No, no and no.

Thailand, here you come!

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