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Hello and welcome! I’m Alex, and here I confess to being a Very Bad Tourist on my first Thailand trip.

I started this blog ten years ago, mostly to atone for my early mistakes. I had an incredible trip but I…

Back then, I didn’t know any better*. But the more I returned to Thailand, the better informed (and reformed) I became.

So … How to travel Thailand like a pro?

Going to Thailand shouldn’t be complicated – but there are easy mistakes to avoid. To help otherwise clever and well-intentioned people avoid my early mistakes, I decided I should spend more time on my computer (what a healthy hobby!?) and start a Thailand travel blog. In 2008, Koh Samui Sunset came to life with 2 posts:

Basically, I want you to love Thailand and it to love you back. (And I want to save all the puppies – but that’s another story).

The Koh Samui Guide

In 2012, as the blog grew, The Koh Samui Guide was born. Today in its 6th edition, it’s been an Amazon best-seller (Asia travel books) and has been read in 92 countries! If your travel plans take you to Koh Samui, the book is an ideal place to start, finish (and fine-tune) your perfect trip.

The Koh Samui Guide: “It blew us away how good the book was. It covered everything”. Get your Koh Samui Guide

*Mistakes of 2003…

In my defence … this was the black-and-white days of dial-up internet. Blogs, Pinterest and social media didn’t exist in 2003. It was 4 years before the iPhone. Did we even know anything?!


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