Koh Samui by the Numbers: Tourism Statistics for Koh Samui, Thailand
Koh Samui in Numbers: Tourism Stats for Koh Samui, Thailand: If you like facts, tidbits and random information tuck these Koh Samui tourism statistics and island facts in your back pocket. | #kohsamui #thailand #samui

Guess what! Come on… guess what?!

If you like treating your family and friends to facts, tidbits and information (whether they like it or not) – tuck these Koh Samui tourism statistics and island facts in your back pocket. Discover Koh Samui by the numbers…


Koh Samui’s size, in square kilometres. If you look at Koh Samui’s comparative size, it’s smaller than Phuket and just 2% of the size of Hawaii.


The year Koh Samui appears on Chinese trading maps, called ‘Pulo Cornam’.


Average length of tourist stay on Koh Samui (in days). That’s 108 hours, 29 minutes – by no means enough time to properly unwind and relax. Why not break with statistics and stay a little longer?

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Full-time residents on Koh Samui (as of 2012).


Koh Samui’s highest point, Khao Pom, measured in meters. It’s just 15% as tall as Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu (4095 metres) – but still quite a hike. Unless you’re Ranulph Fiennes or Bear Grylls, maybe give this thick, uninhabited jungle a miss!


Passenger arrivals at Koh Samui Airport (2016 year total, or roughly the population of Calgary). Note that these figures don’t include any tourists arriving on Koh Samui by ferry.


Inches of rainfall, on average, in November ( the wettest month of the year on Koh Samui). Other sources say ‘only’ 11.88 inches. Care to count?


Kilometres to circle the island’s ring road in an afternoon or make it an enjoyable day-trip.


Tambon, or subdistricts, make up the island’s administration


“Tourist accommodation establishments” on Koh Samui including hotels, villas and unregistered premises.

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