Koh Samui Guide 5th Edition Thailand Travel Guide Out Now! Inside The Koh Samui Guide 5th edition – Hard to believe that what began as a rainy day project in has turned into Koh Samui's best-selling travel guide...
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The Koh Samui Guide 5th edition

It’s hard to believe that what began as more or less a rainy day project in February 2012 has turned into this –

  • Readers in 81 countries
  • 56, 323 words
  • 174 pages
  • … and a full-time job!
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How to celebrate 5 years?

We wanted to really mark how far this little beauty has come (the first edition was just 71 pages) – so we thought we’d give it a “bit of a spruce-up” this year. Famous last words! We should not be allowed near Photoshop or font books ever again. It became the most misguided “I’ll just clean out my closet in 2 hours” project ever undertaken…

What happened instead?

A total reinvention – starting from bare bones with a plain text document, and reformatting the entire book with new maps, new photos, a new cover – new everything. Pixel by painstaking pixel! (As we said in an email update to prior customers yesterday, “we really need a drink”).

What’s changed?

A major difference for The Koh Samui Guide 5th edition was the decision to use paid, professional photographs in addition to our own (including the cover photo). They remain absolutely representative of the island today and really elevate the book to a new level of gloss. Along with our own photos, it’s the ideal mix of picture-perfect total honesty.

Two months later…

It’s taken over two months to complete The Koh Samui Guide 5th edition and now? Can’t look at it without squealing. We are so, so proud of this travel guide and what it’s evolved into. As an example, here’s a recent email that made the carpal tunnel go away –

Best. Email. Ever.

“Just a quick note to say this is the best guide by a mile!!! It was so fun to read and makes the most sense. Koh Samui is my dream holiday and I just cannot wait to go (next week!) so just a thank you really for writing my new bible! Thank you so much again for making me feel so much more relaxed about my trip to Thailand! I have recommended your guide to about 10 people so far! You have no idea how much you have helped me – Thailand is my dream holiday and I just cannot wait to go but was always apprehensive but you have taken all those fears away and I am eternally grateful.”

Oh, there was dancing after that email. Whole lot of dancing.

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Photos and behind-the-scenes

On that note, it’s time to wish this little baby a happy 5th birthday and show you some photos. Enjoy!

The Koh Samui Guide 5th edition is 174 pages (A4 size) – with tons of maps, charts and helpful checklists

A literal cut-and-paste (and you BET that’s ‘Boston’s Greatest Hits’ playing on the phone)

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