Koh Samui for Christmas and New Year: Every FAQ ever about Koh Samui for Christmas and New Year. Find out what to pack, what to expect, the best events and things to do + our best island tips.

Guys, we’re seriously on the countdown here. Whether you’re coming to Koh Samui for Christmas or New Year, the best (and busiest) time of the year is getting close enough to taste. Are you excited? Ready? Packed?

Koh Samui and Christmas are my two favourite topics colliding – so I have a lot of content! To help streamline your to-do list (to say nothing of this blog), I’ve tidied up our expertise on the subject of Koh Samui for Christmas and New Year. I’m going to make this your easiest holiday ever. Enjoy!

Koh Samui for Christmas and New Year

Koh Samui

Christmas weather

What to pack for Christmas?

Thailand 101

Tips for parents

Christmas things to do

New year, new you

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