How to prepare for Thailand? Whether you’re travelling to Thailand for a beach vacation or a backpacking adventure (or a wedding, a business trip or an open-ended emigration), I can all but promise two things: using the advice that follows you’ll arrive with (A) the right stuff and (B) the right shoes.

How to prepare for Thailand?

On my first trip to Thailand, I failed at packing – failed at packing for the climate and failed at packing for Thailand’s culture. To atone for my ‘first-time farang’ (foreigner) mistakes, I published the first draft of ‘What to Wear in Thailand’ in 2008 – ten years ago! – and a blog was born. Ready your luggage scales, here’s how to prepare for Thailand… enjoy!

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Your basic prep

Your perfect packing how-to

What-to-wear specifics

Do you need ______?

If you’re going to Thailand…

More questions?

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