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I do my best to respond to emails, but I’m not always able to keep up. For an immediate answer, I hope the following links will help you (links jump to answers below):

If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, send me a note at: info[at]kohsamuisunset[dot]com. If it’s something I can help with, I’ll try my best to get back to you. Thanks!

OMG guess what! I just saw ________

To tell me about a really cool thing you’ve seen, eaten or done on Samui, please get in touch! I’d never heard of monitor lizards on Koh Samui before readers started telling me about them.

Where to stay? Which beach is best?

I’ve made it as easy as possible on the really-long-but-super-organised Where to Stay on Koh Samui + Where to Stay in Thailand pages. For specific help deciding where to stay on Koh Samui, or advice choosing which beach you’ll like best, I’ve poured heart and soul into 6 editions of The Koh Samui Guide (with 15 years’ Samui research and exploration to back it up). If you have a specific question, I’ll do my best to answer but I really stand behind the guidebook as the very best I can offer you in terms of comprehensive, pro/con planning tips and totally honest, unbiased advice.

Koh Samui weather and climate?

You’ve booked your trip and just found out it might rain while you’re there? Not to panic – Thai massages are even more relaxing with a rainfall soundtrack, and mango sticky rice tastes even sweeter. Unfortunately, I can’t give you better than what the weather “tends to be” at given times of the year, plus a reassurance you’ll have a fantastic time no matter what. Get to know Koh Samui’s year-round climate and its rainy season, find out what to wear in rainy season, what to expect when it rains + rainy day activities.

Flights, flying and airport transfers?

Unfortunately, I can’t always respond to itinerary questions about flight times, transfer times and baggage limits. In brief, here’s how to flights transfer at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK), everything to know about flying with Bangkok Airways (yes, they gate-check strollers and will transfer your luggage to other airlines if you don’t check in online and present your full itinerary/e-ticket at check-in). Finally, here’s what to know about Koh Samui Airport including ground transfer times across the island.

Guest posts, product reviews?

I don’t accept guest posts, but occasionally do book reviews and welcome review copies of new Thailand or regional releases. If that’s a fit, please get in touch: info[at]kohsamuisunset[dot]com

Koh Samui bird-watching?

Strangely enough, I receive the most emails about weddings and bird-watching – though not often from the same people. Here’s what I can offer your bird-watching on Koh Samui: a running list of birds I’ve seen on Koh Samui + my tips for lazy bird-watching in Thailand.

Weddings? Birthdays? Special celebrations?

For questions about weddings: I’ve put absolutely everything I know in my opus piece on Koh Samui weddings. Seriously, that’s all I know! For my very favourite venues for special occasions (birthday, anniversary, honeymoon dinners, etc.) see The Koh Samui Guide.

Things to do, bookings and tours

For questions regarding specific tour bookings and other island arrangements: I’m not an island travel agent so I can’t assist you with bookings directly. Of course, The Koh Samui Guide is chock-full of what I consider must-dos and corollary details, but you might like some ideas that constitute the best of Koh Samui.

Koh Samui events and holidays

For dates and details about island events, holidays and festivals: absolutely everything I know goes into the Koh Samui events calendar (which I update regularly). More specifically, learn what to expect on Koh Samui during:

Still have a question?

Send me a note at: info[at]kohsamuisunset[dot]com. If it’s something I can help with, I’ll try my best to get back to you. Many thanks!

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