The Koh Samui Guide (how to relax, enjoy + explore)


“It blew us away how good the book was. It covered everything… This book needs to be in as many people’s hands as possible.”Stephen (New Zealand)

Koh Samui Guide

“We love your guide! It kept us interested and made us laugh!”Kerry

Koh Samui Guide PDF Koh Samui Guide ebook
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A best-selling Amazon Asia travel book! Now in its 3rd edition, The Koh Samui Guide is honest, friendly and ready to help. Whether you’re coming as a couple, a family, are on a budget or celebrating something special, we’re certain you’ll find our travel guide helpful, reassuring and insightful.

Koh Samui Guide: 4 ways to a better vacation

You’ll have more fun on Koh Samui Guide to Koh Samui
Even if you plan to “do nothing”, and are coming to Koh Samui to enjoy days on the beach, we advise the best ways to be lazy. For more energetic moments, choose from dozens of activity and day trip ideas including our favourite spas, bars and island destinations.

Written by a brother-sister pair after 10 years’ Koh Samui exploration, we’ll keep you happy when the sun goes down (and especially when it rains). We’ve got your wants and whims – and your kids’ – covered.

You can relax now, and on the beach
Got better things to do than Google? Our guide book takes the worry out of your trip-planning to Koh Samui: get all your required research in one place, whether you want to plan in advance or wing it from your pool bed. Find restaurant and nightlight recommendations, plus great sight-seeing tips, to help you decide what not to miss (and what to avoid completely).

You’ll pack perfectly
What to wear where? Find out exactly what to pack for your perfect vacation, whatever that might involve. Our PDF travel guide offers all the right tips, sidebar detail, and ‘here’s why’ photos (all of which we took ourselves), so you’ll know just what to expect. Arrive, perfectly packed, savvy on Thai customs, climate and dress code – leaving all your attention for palm trees and paradise.

You’ll explore more, but you won’t get lost
Tend to get lost in new places? Our guide book has 5 detailed Samui maps that direct you to every restaurant we recommend, as well as harder-to find attractions.

“Thanks to your guide I am more excited for my trip than ever, it just had all the information I wanted.”Michael (UK)

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Koh Samui Guide

Koh Samui Guide PDF Koh Samui Guide ebook