The Koh Samui Guide: an Amazon best-seller!


The Koh Samui Guide 2015: PDF travel guide

The Koh Samui Guide 2015 – totally updated August, 2015

Since our first edition in 2012, The Koh Samui Guide has helped people in 56 countries plan and enjoy incredible Samui vacations:

“If we didn’t have this download I really don’t think we would have such a great time. We have booked again next year on the back of a fantastic holiday which would not have been so great without your book.” – Karen

Find out how to enjoy your time on Koh Samui with any group of people, at any time of year, on any budget.

The Koh Samui Guide 2015: PDF travel guide

“It blew us away how good the book was. It covered everything… This book needs to be in as many people’s hands as possible.” – Stephen

Whether you’re totally spontaneous or a list-making travel fiend, a parent, a honeymooner, a retired couple, a solo traveller with a backpack and a yoga mat – even an obsessive bird-watcher – The Koh Samui Guide makes sure the reality of your trip is even better than you hope.

“We loved the guide – it’s by far the most helpful thing we’ve found on Koh Samui.” – Anna

The Koh Samui Guide 2015: How to enjoy Koh Samui, Thailand

Why The Koh Samui Guide?

“I’ve gone from knowing nothing to feeling like I know Koh Samui like I know the back of my own hand.” – Lecinda

In 2012, we’d been visiting Koh Samui regularly for 9 years – writing The Koh Samui Guide was the best way to share what we’d learned (and eaten). We never planned for this travel guide to become ‘our baby’, but we’ve expanded and updated The Koh Samui Guide with obsessive love, care and attention for 4+ years and counting. Our 4th edition is brand new for 2015 [totally updated in August] – our best yet!

“It’s a bit like meeting up for coffee with a travel savvy friend who knows Koh Samui REALLY well and is happy to chat with you about it for hours.” – review

The Koh Samui Guide 2015: PDF travel guide

Today, put our 12 years’ island experience in your back pocket, gaining instant confidence to enjoy a new culture, country and climate. How to love every minute of your vacation:

  • Too touristy? Learn how to avoid the madding crowds, and their tour buses.
  • Mosquitoes? Safety? Use every tool in our arsenal to have a happy, healthy trip.
  • Is it raining? You hadn’t noticed. Find out how to enjoy every kind of tropical weather.

What’s inside The Koh Samui Guide?

The Koh Samui Guide: What's Inside

Instantly download The Koh Samui Guide in PDF format: print it out or read it on your iPad, phone, computer or tablet. 15 chapters are split into 3 parts: planning for Thailand, enjoying Koh Samui, plus helpful extras. Contents include:

How to plan your trip: When to visit Samui // Where to stay // How to get around // What to know in advance // What to bring // Your stress-free arrival and departure

How to enjoy your trip: Food and drink // Sunsets and nightlife // Exploring Koh Samui // Activities and day-trips // Shopping // Enjoying rainy days // Island events

Plus: Visiting Koh Samui with kids // Your Thailand reading list // Special interests (bird-watching, tropical plants and gardens) // Accommodation details // Helpful resources

Also included:

Beach-by-beach comparisons, 5 island maps, 7 helpful charts and around 305 photos.

The Koh Samui Guide 2015: PDF travel guide

It’s ‘dual voltage’ – whether you work in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, miles or kilometres, we’ve converted every fact and figure in two directions.

How to download The Koh Samui Guide

The Koh Samui Guide is an instant PDF download [177 pages, 34.9 mb] – if you have a decent internet connection, you’ll have it in seconds.

What forms of payment do you accept? Easily pay with PayPal, all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc) and some debit cards. We use the fantastic, extremely secure and very mobile-friendly Gumroad service for payment processing. You can read The Koh Samui Guide online and download it (and will receive an email with the download link) immediately after purchase.



Koh Samui Guide FAQs

Do you offer a hard copy of this book? Can you mail me a paperback? No, but you can very easily print the PDF version on your home printer. Choose to print the entire book, or just take the pages you want to reference while on Samui (perhaps the maps, check-lists of things to do and restaurant suggestions?). If it’s more convenient, we also offer a Kindle version of The Koh Samui Guide, available on Amazon.

What’s the difference between the PDF and the Kindle versions? The PDF version is brand newly updated (as of August 2015), with the Kindle update to be published shortly. PDF customers also receive free updates throughout 2015: you get an email with a new download link whenever we make changes (as with our August update).

Other than photo content and download time, it’s simply a matter of choosing your preferred device.

I bought the PDF copy of The Koh Samui Guide and you still haven’t mailed me a real book. I’m irate. We cannot emphasise enough that we will not be mailing you, or anyone, an actual book. The Koh Samui Guide has but 2 earthly forms: (1) an instant PDF download that you can choose to print, or (2) an instant Amazon Kindle download. Both are beauties, neither arrive via mailman.


“Thank you for a great ‘guidebook’….it has lots of practical info…it was like having a friend telling me all the good ‘stuff’…” – JACCI

“We love your guide! It kept us interested and made us laugh!” – KERRY

“Thanks to your guide I am more excited for my trip than ever, it just had all the information I wanted.” – MICHAEL

“Excellent guide book will take with me on iPad on Boxing Day…. the best guide I have found far better than lonely planet…” – ANDREW

“VERY readable and clearly written by people who have spent a lot of time there.” – DAVID

“We found your guide very helpful for understanding how the songthaews and taxis negotiate—this was crucial for us as we ventured all around the island.” – LUNA

“Very entertaining! I am sure we will refer to all the practical details once we arrive but for now, on a rainy wet November Sunday in Wales, the Guide is a really great ‘spirit lifter’!” – BARRY & MELANIE

“We found it invaluable. Admittedly it was a bit hard to leave the luxury of our room/resort to explore, but we enjoyed tooling about”. – RICK

“I am planning my honeymoon at Samui in August and I believe our trip will be surely benefited by this book”. – GEORGE

“The guide is proving an interesting and informative read. The only thing missing was where the good bird viewing spots were (LOL). A bit specialised I know. Now if only we can get our heads around a few Thai phrases we’ll be right”. – RAFAEL [Update: after popular request, bird-watching details have been added to the 2015 edition]

The Koh Samui Guide 2015: Everything you need to know for Koh Samui, Thailand

Whether you’re coming as a couple, a family, are on a budget or celebrating something special, we’re certain you’ll find The Koh Samui Guide helpful, reassuring and insightful.